A downloadable game for Windows

(made for Fishing Jam 2)

This is a game... I guess... "sandbox experience" maybe? Where you are a knife wielding ocean fisherman with superhuman swimming ability.

...Also there are a couple sea monsters

If I were more confident with my musical ability I'd probably have some music in there. I'll work on music skills. With more time I would definitely have put more into the fish and monster AI. I'd also like to have some kind of real goal, but hey :P

(I'd do a mac build, but I've had problems with that in the past for some reason and don't have access to a mac to test it)

Published Oct 30, 2016
Tagsfishing, monster, sea, swimming, underwater

Install instructions

I'm pretty sure you just need to unzip it somewhere and keep the exe and data folder in the same place


KnifeFishing.zip 11 MB