Explore an ancient pyramid that seems to want to keep you out.

MOVEMENT: WASD,    CAMERA: Mouse Movement,    JUMP: Space

you can double jump and have some air control

Go fullscreen in the start screen that's text (before the gameplay)

Don't toggle the cursor unless you're intending to quit the game

Quitting doesn't work how I intended in the browser version so use escape to toggle your mouse cursor and close it or Alt+f4 out.

I wanted this to be a downloadable exe but either Unity or Itch is being weird about it so this is an HTML version.

I definitely intended more content for this game but procrastinated.

GenreAction, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags3D, pyramid


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cool game!! 

i like the movement 

The one issue I have is it was difficult to determine where I was supposed to be going, since it seems like you should be going forward but then you go back.  I loved the variety of traps and despite some weird clipping situations that caused jump to not work well it was fun.  I feel a longer game might get frustrating because landing exactly on the platforms was very specific.

Very cool! I liked the Indiana Jones balls of death.


Thanks!  I was also going to add swinging axes.  I'll put them in for sure if I continue with this game.