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You are a member of the paranormal combat squad.  You have been sent to investigate strange disturbances and rumblings involving zombies around an old seemingly abandoned castle.  Suddenly you are captured and brought to a mystical dimension filled with zombies and ruled by an evil wizard.  Luckily you have your stellar typing skills (not required) and your trusty magical typing key-scroll.

link to trailer : http://youtu.be/yKm-Wc3GgT0

Donations are welcome :)

press 3 on the alpha keys to view the intro cinematic and 4 to start the first level

At the moment things are early in development so there aren't things like saved games or menus or dynamic difficulty, but those will be coming soon when I can devote more time to the project.

More information

Published2 years ago
TagsAction, Magic, Medieval, mystical, solo, typing, wizard, Zombies
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

keep the TypingGameBuild.exe and TypingGameBuild_Data in the same folder

to run intro cinematic press 3 on the alpha keys

to start first level press 4

press enter to clear your typing space if you need to after missing a zombie hit


NW TypingGame.zip (14 MB)